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Our Services

Our Services

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Seacoast Labradors offers a variety of services ranging from breeding to basic obedience to service dog task training. Services are offered on an hourly or project based basis. A sample of existing services include:

  • Labrador Retriever Breeding

  • Started Dogs

    • 4 month: 2 additional months of Obedience, Socialization, and Play/Problem-Solving

  • Service Dog Training

    • All Access: months of community, public, private, and event training and exposure

    • Task Training: behavior(s) and/or action(s) to assist person with a disability

  • Train the Trainer 

    • 10 month program for handler to train own working role dog as a Service Dog in Training, Facility Dog in Training, Therapy Dog in Training

    • 2 month of additional training for task training if appropriate

  • Basic Obedience​

    • Individual Lessons​

    • Group Lessons

  • Socialization​

    • Individual​

    • Group 

  • Working Dog Education & Awareness​

  • Therapy & Facility Dog Certification: Canine Good Citizen through American Kennel Club

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