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The Blue Foundation


Blue, a sound, reliable, and loving Diabetic Alert Dog who worked for his handler for 5 1/2 years was more than just a Service Dog.  Blue touched the lives of anyone in proximity to his handler. 


Blue was the inspiration for the founding of Seacoast Labradors by his effects during the Boston Marathon trauma responses with his handler.  Seacoast Labradors is proud to begin the giving of one of our own working or service dogs yearly to a person in need, either as a fully trained service dog, facility dog to a school or other organization, or an Emotional Support Dog to support an individual.  Blue had an effect on all those who were around him, either because of his noted tasks that occurred reliably between 10 to 40 times a day or because of his amazingly composed and loving presence in any and all environments. 


Unfortunately, Blue developed epilepsy in his adult years which brought him to the end of his All Access working life.  In the recent loss of Blue, his handler decided it most appropriate to honor his loss by giving back. 


Beginning in 2019, Seacoast Labradors in partnership with the Blue Foundation, one dog yearly will be donated to an individual in need. 


Seacoast Labradors will provide the necessary socialization, obedience, and any other determined training for each donation to be a success and to be reflective of what Blue gave to his handler and all those he touched. 


Thanks to Blue

*2019 gift dog is successfully working to provide care, love, and support to his person with cancer and her family

*2020 gift dog MOXY is a Graduated Service Dog partnered with her person providing assistance to his needs in his wheelchair

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